FIND OUT MORE Developing breakthroughs to expand the reach of immuno-oncology therapies.

80% of Cancer patients do not respond to approved immuno-oncology therapies.

Despite the progress and unprecedented efficacy of existing immunotherapy drugs, they are not effective for most patients. Patients fail to respond, or following encouraging initial response, develop resistance over time. At Nectin, we have discovered tumor escape and resistance mechanisms and are developing new candidates designed to overcome resistance to currently available therapies.

Nectin’s pipeline includes innovative first-in-class and best-in-class programs, utilizing internal expertise as well as collaborative efforts.

Diverse pipeline of targeted immunotherapies including novel immuno-oncology (IO) antibodies and ADCs.

PVR expression is emerging as an important rate-limiting factor for approved ICI’s. Our anti-PVR asset is currently in phase 1 of its clinical trial.

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